For All My Christ Followers Out There and Anyone Else Who Will Listen

Today was a day of reflection for me, and typically those kinds of days are good ones. Ones where I genuinely learn something new about myself or how I think.

But today’s reflection really made me worrisome, not just for myself and my own thinking but also for others.

If you’ve been on social media at all in the last week or so, you have surely seen something about the new supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. First off let me say that I’m not here to discuss my own personal opinion on the matter because it’s beyond the point I’m trying to make here and secondly, I don’t want anyone reading my blog to feel as if I’m being one sided on the issue. With that said, I will continue on.

So here’s my problem with society as of recent:

I’m tired of all the double standards, hate and intolerance! Not only have I seen Christians being hated on for their conservative views of marriage but I’ve seen Christians saying absolutely unspeakable things to supporters of same sex marriage.  You see, it doesn’t matter what side you’re on.. if you at all say anything, I mean anything, someone out there is going to bash you.. Why is this even happening people? As I saw on Facebook, one comment read “We don’t need ISIS, we can just all attack each other!”  Is this really what we have come to? Tearing down others whose opinions differ from yours?

To my fellow Christians out there: I get it, I do… the supreme court decision is a difficult one to swallow and it’s easy to let ourselves be defensive of the gospel and the biblical standards in which we live but we must remain vigilant. Is it worth throwing out Christ’s love in order to prove a point? Is it worth risking your reputation and your church’s by being rude and hateful with your words? We should continue to love because Christ first loved us and that’s biblical. This is the time to be an example to other non-believers who actively support the supreme court decision. We must pray for our government and country right now and actively show the message of the cross, living as Christ did and loving as He did as well.

To my other folks out there: I understand your excitement with the decision and for the LGBT community as well as the sense of joy you must have but to be such a loving community (#lovewins is the mantra right now isn’t it?) and one that strives for tolerance, I haven’t seen much of that. I’ve seen a community who tears down anyone who disagrees and if you do disagree, then you better remain silent. Isn’t that the exact thing the LGBT community has worked to get rid of?

Beyond this, here is my main point.

Disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about them as a person or stop treating them with respect. There are billions of people on the planet who have many different views of the world. People’s opinions on things will always differ and that’s not a bad thing, stop treating it as if it is one. 

This double standard stuff, needs to stop on both sides.

Now, I could continue ranting on this forever but I’m simply going to end with this statement. At the end of my life, I want to know that I made a difference in the world and that I did my very best to make people feel loved and respected.

Reader, don’t waste your time in senseless arguments on social media that won’t matter in the long run. Focus on loving people despite their differences, getting to know who they are as a person. You’ll thank me for it later and you’ll be a lot less stressed!

Focus on what matters!

With love,


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from pinterest.com

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