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My Definition of Being a Woman

For a while now, and especially in the last few months, the issue of gender has been a big one. Why it’s better to be a man or a woman has been the underlying question with many in this day and age. This question in turn makes many people wonder whether or not they are truly in the right body and some go to even farther extremes and change the body that they were naturally and beautifully designed to be in. Women are becoming men and men are becoming women.

I’m here not to point fingers at those who choose to become transgender but to point a finger at the ideas that spread that cause certain people to think that the body they are born in isn’t good enough. Cause isn’t that what it boils down to? You change things about yourself that you’re uncomfortable with, the same as a woman putting on makeup to hide her wrinkles or a man shaving the hair from his face. It’s just what we do but why should we accept the continuous compartmentalizing of genders? Why do men allow society to tell him that he’s not allowed to be sensitive or have emotions? Why are women told that they can’t be strong and smart all at the same time, outside of the kitchen? 

(Now if after reading that, you’re ALREADY offended, then I suggest you cease reading this right now and please note I am not a feminist, so don’t get that idea from this post either)

If I had to sit down with Bruce Jenner and tell him one reason why I don’t agree with his new lifestlye, I would compassionately tell him how sad it is that society’s standards of who you should be and what you should look like has completely ruined him.

Wearing makeup, curling my hair, and having boobs doesn’t make me a woman. Is the mother of three who has battled breast cancer, losing both of her breasts any less of a woman than say the porn star with fake implants? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Being a woman is all about how you impact the world and what you do with the person God has made you.

A true woman is someone like my mother who continually works hard at her job and comes home at the end of the day to cook dinner for everyone, take care of her kids, and be a wife to her husband. A true woman is the widow who misses her late husband and struggles to pay the bills on her own. A true woman is the twenty something who just got out of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend and is struggling to feel beautiful and find love again. A true woman is the CEO of a successful company who has worked her way up diligently, honestly, and without having to flirt to get there.

Bruce Jenner can wear his heels, fake hair, lipstick, and implants all day long, but he’ll never understand the true meaning of being a woman. It’s sad that he feels like he has to do this in order to feel good about himself, instead of digging deeper for other qualities that are far more important.

What kind of message will that send to future generations of women and men? Shouldn’t we instead teach our kids to be happy with what we came into this world with and proud of what God made us to be? There is a reason for everything and there is reason why God made me a woman.

I may not know that reason right now or ever, but I’m gonna live out this life to the best of my ability being thankful for what I am and what I’m becoming.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Be proud of who God made you to be and don’t let the world’s standards distort how you see yourself. We are so much more than that! 

With love,



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