Life · Poetry · Rants

The Fall of Man

Our society is broken. Crumbling. Falling down a deep, dark, unidentifiable path.

Where dreams, hopes, passions are crushed. Being replaced with fear, shame, emptiness.

We allow our children to be murdered in the womb before they can speak for themselves.

We allow our men to pour sexually explicit images into their heads to satisfy the needs that should be held sacred and pure.

We tell women that they are only as good as their looks and that they deserve to be disrespected.

We drown ourselves in alcohol, drugs, money, and greed.

We have twisted sex into something that everyone, everywhere should be doing, no longer a beautiful act of love between a man and a woman vowed to each other for life.

We want more, yet we are so empty.

We desire, yet we do not love.

We have become emotionless, robotic, puppets to our flesh.

We have blurred the lines between right and wrong, between dark and light.

Everyone is confused, in their roles, in their purpose, in their meaning of life.

We are more concerned with the screens in front our faces than with the people sitting at empty tables around us.

We worship the celebrities, instead of the God of this universe.

We allow the weak to suffer, turning a blind eye on their pain.

Please think about it, 

Much love, 



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