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A Short Word On Being Made New In Christ

Things in life are hard… I mean break-down and cry, want to throw-in-the-towel, scream and punch someone or something kind of hard. Being human, sinful, and weak is really difficult and the clutches of sin sometimes seem too much to bear. I’ve been there time and time again, thinking that there is NO WAY OUT!

Throughout my walk with God I’ve learned, sometimes easily and more times the hard way, about sin. The destruction, brokenness and emptiness it can leave is sometimes unbearable. But good thing for us, we weren’t left without the power to overcome sin and brokenness, in a world that thrives off of it.

With being human, sin leaves an everlasting mark on us. It shows up daily, without warning sometimes in our minds, to attack out thoughts and steal our joy. Sin is what Satan uses against us, to hold us down, to keep us away from God, and to lock us within his pathetic attempt at destroying our lives.

Sometimes the mark of sin is left from a past life of sin and life void of God. The mark of sin then, was a festering wound that was only getting more and more infected when ignored. But the day that we gave ourselves, fully and completely, was the day that the infected wound of sin began to heal. Little by little, closing up and forming an itchy scab. Daily, this scab likes to itch at us, trying to open back up the pain of the sin of our life before.

We each have an innate desire to destruction and to selfish ambition. It all started in the garden and has been a pressing issue for thousands of years. We want to hide away from God when we know we’ve screwed up and then shame sets in. It’s a vicious cycle.

We desire more of everything. The bigger, the better. We become so blinded to it, it’s hard to see straight. Sin runs a muck and it’s not how God intended us to live.

God gave us the perfect gift for overcoming this world and the problems that we face. Jesus Christ himself. His love is enough to overcome and heal those itchy wounds that we carry around with us. This love should be our ultimate desire.

When we run after God, we run away from our old selves and the devil trying to drag us back down.

Trust me, those scabs aren’t forever.


with love,



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