God Truths

And Their Hearts Were Filled With Holiday Cheer

Is it really Christmas Eve? I can’t believe how quickly 2015 has flown by.

It was a nice 78 degrees today in my town in North Carolina. Like for reals… it’s supposed to at least be cold on Christmas!

Anywho, I got to thinking about what I could possibly write about on one of the biggest nights of celebration in the United States.

Then it hit me… why didn’t I ever think of this before! I’m obviously a genius!

I should talk about…wait for it…


I mean come on, He’s the reason for the season!

But all joking aside I think about the millions of children, asleep in their beds right now who believe in Santa Clause. Believing that the fat, jolly, white-bearded man in a red suit is going to bring them all kinds of toys and goodies. These kids desperately believe this and know it to be true. I was one of those kids at one point too.

But then I think about the amount of those children, not only in the United States, but all over the world that have never heard the story of Jesus’ birth and understood the importance of that little baby tucked away in a manger.

Kids are told about Santa and know about the latest iPad apps but aren’t being taught the real meaning of Christmas. In the same way adults are putting their faith in things that will never bring true happiness. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault either but in this darn self-centered, high-tech, shallow culture we live in, with a dash of sin added, you have a recipe for disaster.

But the Christmas story brings me hope.

Christ came to Earth in the most humble way possible, in the smallest, most innocent forms that humans come in. That tiny baby born to bring nations to it’s knees. The baby that was meant for gold and silver with heavenly royalty flowing through His veins, born in a dirty stable with animals, shivering from the cold.

Isn’t there something to learn from this?

Should we therefore be so high minded during this time of year? When we know how lowly our savior was born and how cruelly he died, shouldn’t we live life in remembrance of that?

Being thankful that a mighty King as God would send His son in such a way. He became flesh so that we might have better, live better, and be better.

People need to stop complaining, groaning, and moaning about what’s not right in their life, or about the things they don’t have and be thankful to simply be here, to have life, and a reason to live.

Do you not know that God specifically created YOU? That there is a reason for you being here and their is a purpose to your existence?

Instead of complaining and infiltrating your mind and heart with such shallow things of this world, why not take the time to learn about the baby born in a manger, who came to give you a new life? Why not understand the reason why God put you here and give thanks to Him for it?

Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier and lot less stressed during this time next year!


seasons greetings,


P.S. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers and followers! I hope I’m not boring you too much! 🙂






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