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Feeling Fresh!

Holy wow!

26 followers! I know to some out there this seems pretty pathetic but I’m pretty proud of this! I never even thought one of you would care to listen to anything I have to say. I guess all I can say is THANK YOU so much for sticking along with me! You’re all amazing and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs as well. This is an awesome community!

With that said, I also thought that with this fresh year ahead, my blog after being live for a few months needed a nice face-lift! I was just tired of the old look and I wanted something a little cleaner and simpler.

And I strive to live life that way in 2016 as well. A little cleaner and a little simpler.

Not that life is ever simple, but I strive for my attitude to remain positive and simple, I strive to be engaged with my heart and soul on everything I’m doing. In my worship, in my studies, in my learning, and in the next adventures that await. It’s so exhausting being miserable, negative, and unhappy so I strive to do better and be better this year!

Who’s with me??


happiness and joy,



2 thoughts on “Feeling Fresh!

    1. I know right! Thank you, as well for following! Sometimes, I feel like what I’m writing is totally pointless but I know the meaning behind it and that’s all that matters really! I’m happy to follow you and read your words as well!

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