My Life

An Open Letter To My Person In Heaven

Dear Granny,

oh how I miss you, your smile, your presence.

I miss cooking with you and you talking with me about the Lord.

I miss the genuine way you would listen to me and talk with me. You loved me.

Oh how you loved me.

You weren’t perfect, no one is, but you did your best.

You had a dazzling beauty that I haven’t seen in a woman since.

You held yourself with such grace and taught me to trust in the Lord, trust in Him always.

Sometimes I wish I could call you to tell you about my day or have you pray with me.

Things aren’t the same since you left us and they never will be.

My heart has forever had a hole in it that you once filled.

I felt so safe with you and I think that’s what I miss the most.

But I write this simply to say that, I miss you.

And though you won’t read this, it’s more for my pain anyway.

I hope to be half as strong a woman as you were.

I love you with all my heart!


(Sidenote: for those that don’t know me, I was super close with my Great-Grandmother who passed away when I was younger. Though she’s been gone for a while now, I still think about her everyday and how much I miss her. I wanted to write this letter as if I was writing it to her.)




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