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The Art of Never Letting Go

These words are just gonna flow from a place inside my heart. There is no rhyme or reason to this post. It’s just my words.

The second week of school has me thinking about staying dedicated to things. Whether that be dedicated to your schedule, to a relationship, or to a specific time commitment. We are all dedicated to something or to a person, which is much more complex.

We spend a massive amount of time trying to figure out the best way to schedule this, plan that, go to this, get that. But when do we start focusing instead on just simply being in the moment?

I tend to do this in my relationship with Christ. See, I schedule out the best time I have to spend with Him. I try to fit Him into this time-framed box in my life that, sometimes, I don’t even get to. I’m more focused on getting checked off my list than enjoying that time with Him.

And for others out there, it doesn’t just have to be God. I also do this with time with my family or doing homework. I tend to get bogged down with everything I have to do. I end up spacing out and then come back ten minutes later and wonder what I just wasted my time on.

It’s tiring and I’m tired of it.

Let’s strive to be present in every aspect of our lives and make sure that we are getting the most out of every experience.

Life would be so much more enjoyable. My relationship with Christ would be richer, deeper, and more complex. I am going to strive for that this week.

Take a minute to step back and realize what your wasting your time on. Change something, engage in something new, and learn from what you are seeing.

much love,


*Image is from Pinterest. I do not own it.


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