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An Open Letter To The Teen I Used To Be

Dear Brittany,

At the ripe of about 16, I pray and hope you are doing well. This is your future self speaking to you from the age of 21. If you are actually reading this then that means that science figured out how to travel back in time and I’m just as shocked as you. Though the likelihood of that happening is quite slim, I  still must tell you a few things from the time I’ve had to grow up.

First off, youngster, you have plenty of time! Loads and tons of time! A billion-gazillion-triple-dog-million milliseconds of time!

Time to figure out who you’ll be, who you are, what you want out of this crazy life and so much more. You’ve already had that first terrible dating relationship but you know what? You’re gonna learn a lot from it. Sure, I’m still grossed out at myself now at 21 years but I can look back and see the things I don’t ever want in a relationship. You’re gonna have many more stepping stones along the way, sweet 16 year old.

Please keep in mind that your main goal in life is not to have a boyfriend or go off to college to meet Mr. Right, something that still hasn’t happened. It’s not about getting a shiny college degree, to get that perfect job, and makes loads of money. It’s not about breezing by on as little effort as possible. Just get ready sweet pea!

You are going to get your feelings hurt by many folks and think it’s the end of the world, you’re gonna cry, ugly face cry, laugh until it hurts, dance, fall, stumble, and get back up again. There will be times when you just want to crawl under a rock and never come back out again. Trust me, it’s not gonna be easy but you’ll get up the next day and move on. You’ll grow! I promise!

It will be hard to see things change and lose ties with close friends, even harder when your family dynamics change one day because you decide to go to college. And speaking of college, Brittany, get ready for the time of your life! I know you’re terrified of going somewhere totally new and different but you will love it. Take chances, learn to love yourself first before trying to ask anyone else to. Grow closer with God and walk with Him right now. Immerse yourself into His word and hold on to it like a floatation device when you’re drowning.

My last thought to you, Brittany, is don’t give up and don’t stop rising above and pushing through! You’re just at the beginning of your amazing life!

Enjoy and love every second!


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