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Blogging: A Breath of Fresh Air

Okay so I seriously feel so great about this blog right now! I think blogging is one of the best decisions I’ve made in life, behind following Jesus of course.

But seriously, like, my fellow bloggers and followers… YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! The amount of love and support that I’ve received since I started this thing has been incredible.

When I did my first post, I thought for sure that I would get no responses and my blog would become a ghost town by day two but I have learned so much in my short months of doing this.

This is a place where I can come and freely express myself with no fears of wide eyed looks or awkward conversations. It’s just me, the computer, and you guys! Though I don’t actually know any of you, I feel like this is a beautiful community of people who have a passion to creatively and openly express themselves without fear of , duh, duh, duh OUT THERE! You know what I’m talking about? When you want to get into deep conversation and be super dramatic about a situation with your best friend but you worry about the “You’re insane” looks? Well, when I fear that, I just come here and start typing!

I’ve learned that you definitely have to put in effort to get positive feedback but it doesn’t take much. I know that as long as I’m being truthful and honest to myself, that you guys will support what I’m writing.

I love reading all of your posts and laughing out loud, crying, and getting angry with you! Every time I comment to one of you guys, you happily respond and welcome my ravings and love for what you’ve written!

This is just my short way of saying thank you.

Thank you to all of you who have so graciously followed this blog and have endured some horrible writing and not so bad writing throughout these last few months. Thank you for allowing me to be me! It’s an awesome feeling!

Keep it up!

and Happy Blogging!

much love,


*Picture taken from Pinterest. I do not own. Please let me know if you own it and I will happily take it down ASAP*

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