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A Quick Update and Why I’m Just Tired

Hello fellow bloggers and world wide web!

I know it’s been about a week since I’ve posted anything and I didn’t want to neglect my precious blog any longer. So, here I am, back at it and hopefully on a road to feeling better after I type a little and rant a little.

College is so draining right now but luckily spring break is next week and I can take a mini-mental vacation for a few days. I’ve been in the process of being placed at an internship for next semester and it’s super stressful. Also knowing that I would be graduating this May had life not taken this course has been getting me down a little lately. But at the end of the day I know that everything is going to be fine.

College is supposed to be stressful and fun all at the same time but I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to close this chapter and open the next one. Prayer is much needed for patience.

Speaking of patience, here comes the RANTING!!!


I’m so tired of people not getting along, I’m tired of the racial issues, I’m tired of people getting offended, I’m tired of people lashing out on social media at people they don’t even know, I’m tired of hateful comments, I’m tired of everything being a competition and people feeling the need to tear others down to make themselves feel better, in society and in my personal life.

I’m tired of the double standards that the media portrays on issues of race, social injustices, and politics. Our society thrives over senseless arguments and I’ve never seen America as overly sensitive as it is right now.

Many of my classes are focusing and discussing issues of race and prejudice, understanding why certain groups are marginalized and why the majority is blind to the minority, and on , and on, and on. Just the other day in class people got into a heated debate over race.

I literally feel like I’ve been beat over the head with all of it and now I’m standing up disoriented and dizzy, not knowing which way to turn.

The main question I want to ask is when is the argument gonna turn to looking at the right way to treat people? No matter skin color, background, political or religious beliefs, etc? Why do we insist on compartmentalizing everyone and instead just respecting people as people?

Please fellow bloggers, help me understand! I’m so tired of people arguing over these things instead of just respecting each other.

Maybe, because of me being White, I’m colorblind to these issues. Have I ever been marginalized or discriminated against based on my skin color? Probably not, as far as I’m aware. Will I ever be able to relate to minorities? No. But why do I feel like there is a standard set on who can have an opinion on these issues and who can’t? Why aren’t White people speaking up more on these issues? Maybe they feel ashamed, or feel like they will be labeled “racist” if they speak? These are things that need to be discussed but won’t be because people are too busy tearing others down.

And I’m just tired of it!

The human race gets no where with arguments. Arguments only further push us away from each other and glorifies degradation of groups.

Stand up , be better, and respect people! The arguing is not worth it!

much love,


P.S. I would love to hear from you guys on this issue! I enjoy my conversations with you! Please also give me a follow if you don’t already! Thanks for reading! ❤


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