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Negative Thoughts, Poison Thoughts

Here’s a thought..

There’s that one All Time Low lyric that goes something like… “give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty… “ you know that song?

If not check it out here:

That line though had me thinking about my own form of therapy which is typing away on this blog and telling you guys all about what I think about things but I realized a few nights ago that I needed my own form of therapy, within my head.

The week before last I was just feeling blue, sad, and depressed. I convinced myself for a few days that it must be the winter weather and my body protesting but I now realize it was something else entirely.

I get so inside my head sometimes that I don’t take a second to step out and look at the bigger picture. My thoughts were corroded with negativity and oozing with bitterness, literally toward everything in my life.

Most of my Tuesday was spent criticizing myself, telling myself I wasn’t good enough, and just wanting to throw my hands up to be done. No one caused this, no event triggered it, I was just being terrible to myself.

By the end of the day I was on my knees asking the Lord to help me understand why I felt so terrible about myself. Was I really depressed? Did I need to seriously go see a therapist to talk things out?

After a little time spent with my Abba Father, I knew that the issue here wasn’t things around me but the way I was thinking about it all. I was so busy trying to control everything around me instead of just letting it all go and what do I do when I know I can’t really control something? I get overwhelmed and the negative thoughts start.

I guess I’m writing this for others out there who do the same thing. Trust me, I understand how overwhelming this life can get and it feels like it would be easier to just withdraw from it all but trust me too when I say, that doing that is far worse!

Drop to your knees when life gets too out of control and let God take over. Don’t fold into yourself and hope that it will all go away while you cry yourself to sleep.

Another tip: talk to people and don’t be afraid to ask for help with those negative thoughts!

You will feel much better afterwards! I PROMISE!

take a breath and much love,

Brittany 😀




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