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An Open Letter to My First Best Friend

Dear First Best Friend,

You have one main name to me and have had that name since as long as I’ve known you. I’ve seen you through many good and bad times of life. I’ve seen you through happiness, anger, and tears of sadness. I’ve seen you lose people that you loved and walk through blazing fires of life enduring searing pain with such patient endurance. You can say that from watching you I’ve learned a lot about who I want to be.

I honestly don’t remember the first time I met you but I know it was sweet for the both of us. We locked eyes and it was an instant bond that would never be broken. You eventually came to know me easily. You knew everything about me and with just a look could see what I was thinking. You continued loving me, cultivating me and ultimately became my number one fan.

There have been many times where you have picked me up at my lowest, held me when I cried, encouraged me when I had my first heartbreak and when I lost people that I loved. Many times you have inspired me with your courage, hard-work, and determination. Your steadiness has calmed raging seas that were drowning my very soul. You love me during times when I don’t love my self and you always think I’m beautiful, inside and out.

You give me the courage to get up and do what I do. You inspire me to work harder and do better. You have taught me how to forgive people at their worst and to push through hard times in life. You have taught me to never, ever give up.

And through all of this, you have given me life in many ways but in one special way.

You grew me in your womb. You carried me preciously within you until I was ready to enter the world and grow into the person I am today. You, your hands, molded me into who I am. If it wasn’t for you, and God choosing you to carry me, I wouldn’t be here. You were the very first person I met when I got here and we became instant best friends. You loved me the moment you saw me and that is a special kind of love.

So, Mama, thank you for becoming my best friend on my first day on this planet. Life is so much better with you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

your daughter,


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