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The Drive

A few weeks ago I took the two hour drive to my hometown to visit family for Mother’s Day and to see my little sister go to her very first prom. I can’t believe she’s old enough to be doing stuff like that now. She was stunning and my family is doing great.

On the drive you go through busy highways as well as scenic routes. I’ve talked on my blog before about using the drive to really reflect on life and just think, in silence. I had two hours to do just that.

There is a stretch of road not far from my house. It’s a main highway and has seen it’s fair share of wreckage.

Metal on metal that collided into smoke and fire. You could count at least ten different memorials for people who have died on that stretch of pavement, grass, and trees. People of all ages, from all walks of life. I even knew one of them.

Each memorial I zoomed past reminded me of how little time we have in life.

Those people were gone, in an instant, faster than you could blink.

When they got into their cars they had no idea that would be the last time they would drive the same drive they made every day, the last time they would walk out of their house, or the last time they would see the sun.

They were mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. One single event changed everything for them.

We should enjoy every second with the people we love because you don’t ever know when their time will come and even our own. We aren’t promised tomorrow so don’t waste any time going through the motions. Make every second count with the people you love.

much love,



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