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Get To Know Me Tag!

Hello everyone,

As I was touring all of my lovely, new followers’ blogs yesterday, I stumbled upon a post on the Real Tasty Pages  blog that I just loved. Go check out her blog too!

I asked permission to use her tag/template and to give you guys more of a glimpse into who I am!

So here it goes!


Name: Brittany
Nicknames: Britt-Britt or Britt-num
Birthday: September 6th
Star Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Student


Hair Colordark brown
Hair Length: short! Just got it cut!
Eye Color: Green
Best Feature: I love my natural hair color and eye color!
Piercings: Just my ears!
Tattoos: None, but maybe one day… who knows…


Best Friend: My Mom wins this every time ❤

Award: I always won those little certificates you get for things in elementary school.. pretty sure that was my first award 🙂

Sport: I was never an athlete but the first sport I ever attempted to play for fun was Basketball (a.k.a Gym class)

Real Holiday: The holidays I remember the most, when I was little, are probably Christmases. They were the best because all the Great-grandparents were still alive and all the kids were little. It was just better back then! I definitely miss that.

Concert: Shania Twain! I was five years old and absolutely in love with her and her music back in the day. My parents took me to that concert.


Film: I couldn’t possibly choose! There’s far too many.

TV Show: Gossip Girl or The Golden Girls


 Again, too many to choose from…

Restaurant: The best burger place in Greensboro, NC.. Hops Burger Bar! If you’re ever in town, go and try their burgers! They don’t disappoint!

Shop: Cato’s, Target, and Old Navy

Book: Too many to choose from…


Feeling: Relaxed and happy with a mix of a little worry about the future.

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: Nothing

Thinking About: How great my blog is doing at the moment and how much I love all of my followers!

Watching: The light dim in and out of my bedroom windows. It’s peaceful.

Wearing: My pajamas!


Want Children: Absolutely!

Want to be Married: Yes! I’m just trusting in God to bring me the right one.

Careers in Mind: I’m working to get my Bachelor’s in Social Work and I hope to go to Grad School for my Master’s. In the meantime, I would be happy to work in my field, wherever will hire me!

Where You Want to Live: I am happy in Greensboro and see myself living here after college.


God: Absolutely! He is my everything!

Miracles: Yes

Love at First Sight: Depends…

Ghosts: No but I do believe in demons who can appear to be “ghosts”.

Aliens: Not really but I do wonder what else is beyond our galaxy.

Soul Mates: Kind of.. I believe that God puts us with other people for a reason.

Heaven: Yes

Hell: Yes

Kissing on the First Date: No way!

Yourself:  “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13


So there’s a little about me! Feel free to use this template to do a tag of your own!

Happy Blogging!



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