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Night Reflections

As I sit here listening to the rainstorm outside the window I’m reminded of the importance of being tranquil.

Of being silent.

Of letting go of the chaos that seems to always be buzzing around us.

Our faces seem to constantly be staring into screens and eyes scrolling through a feed of social updates. Through a web of lazy thoughts and mind-numbing antics.

We immerse ourselves in it. For what? To feel connected? To feel special?

I think there is connectedness right outside. Without the blurring screens.

There is a whole world out there full of life, full of color, full of music that isn’t man-made but God-breathed. Inspired. Wondrous. Beautiful.

If you would take second.

Turn away from the screen.

Listen with your ears and your heart.

Stop speeding through the day and just take a second to pause and listen.

To the quiet.

To the peace.

And feel connected to the world again. To God again.

Enjoy the quietness around you while I enjoy the steady beating of the raindrops outside my window.

8 thoughts on “Night Reflections

  1. Nature. Love the connection beyond the screens, the noise, the busy, going doing of the day, down to the quiet of the birds chirping, the stillness of the stars in the night, the slight buzzing of a bee nearby. That is the joy of all joy for me!
    Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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