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What am I reading?

So I’m reading this book right now. My friends and I are doing a summer reading challenge to see who can read the most books by the end of August. I hope to win…. but anyway..

So I’m reading this book (“Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn; same author of “Gone Girl”) and I’m just taken back by it.

Have you ever just read something that is totally sickening, utterly disgusting but equally just as fascinating? Well, that’s what it’s like reading Gillian Flynn’s books.

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Dark Places is about a woman named Libby Day who is the sole survivor of the Kinnakee, Kansas “Satan Sacrifice” murders which took place twenty-five years prior. Libby, who survived that night, at seven years old claims that her brother Ben, fifteen at the time, was the murderer. The book starts with her twenty-five years later, going broke and starting to wonder what really happened that night. I’ll spare you a book review-esque kind of post but I’m only half-way through and my mind is racing at the amount of pain that Flynn has captured here.

This is the second book I’ve read by Flynn and she’s pretty consistent with the gloom and doom vibe she’s created.

Her writing, unlike some out there, is real, raw, emotional, dark, twisted, edgy, and mysterious. Though, I could do without some of the vulgarity and sexual talk she puts in her books, she captures the reality of people, the dark sides of humans and how they deal with things, see the world, and how they might would react to trauma. There are no pretty white fences in Flynn’s writing and I think that that is a breath of fresh air!

Humans have pain, we make mistakes, we are mean, we are evil sometimes, we do terrible things to ourselves and to one another. To capture that in a work of fiction, mirroring real people’s experiences, just leaves me wanting to turn off this computer and keep reading.

So the next time you’re at a bookstore and are looking for something different to read, something that might make you a bit uncomfortable, try out Gillian Flynn. Don’t go for the pretty, clean, light cover. Try something a little darker!

I’m gonna go read now… BYE!!


Let me know what you’re reading in the comments. For more of my books and/or reviews go check out my profile on Goodreads (link on my Homepage) 🙂


2 thoughts on “What am I reading?

  1. Oh i loved this book !!! The movie too but not as much!! 🙂 I am reading ‘adultery’ by Paulo Coelho. Its a bit say shocking to start with but i am so curious to know the end 🙈

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