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Killing The Mind

Me: “Okay, today is gonna be a good day!”

My mind: “But it’s so hot out today!”

My mind: “Why am I even here?”

Me: “Because you need a job to pay for things…”

My mind: “Ugh, whatever. What is that guy doing. I mean seriously, learn to drive.”

Me: “We are gonna have a good day. So stop being negative…”

My mind: “I just want to take a nap…”

Me: *sigh*

This is the conversation that went down between me, myself, and I today (and let’s be real, pretty much every day). During a day of constant rush, this is what I’m usually thinking about. Negative, negative, and more negative. Pretty much a whole lotta nope coming from my head.

If you know me personally, it makes sense that these would be the thoughts in my head. My job is physically demanding and being outside during the hottest part of the day is quite exhausting.

After I get off of work, my head convos are something like this…

Me: “Made it through the day, yes!”

My mind: “I want to take a shower! UGH! Sweat is so gross!”

Me: “It’s all good! I’ll shower, walk the dog, and maybe even go get in a workout this afternoon. It’s still a good day!”

My mind: “Why must I walk the dog, I mean, he can let me nap for an hour or two, right? And workout… you’ve got to be joking…”

Me: “Because the dog will pee on the floor if you don’t and working out is good for the body!”

My mind: “I’m so done… “

Me: *bangs head into wall while debating with myself*

My mind: “Bye Felicia!”

giphy (11).gif

You see how exhausting this thought process is, right? Does everyone deal with this, or is it just me?

I realized how even more miserable it is when every single thought in your head during the day is laced with negativity. When I got home, I reflected on how all day, and a lot in the last few days, how completely negative I’ve been. Not once did I take a second to count my blessings or ask God to help me refocus myself on the good things in life.

Twenty One Pilots has a lyric that says “sometimes you gotta kill your mind”  and that has never been more real than it was today. That one liner kept coming to me and I kept thinking, “well what in the world does killing your mind look like?”

Here is what I’ve come up with.

You don’t have to allow how you feel, physically or mentally, to control your attitude for the day. I mean, if some of the smartest people in the world chose to not go to work because they felt physically exhausted, the world would be in utter chaos. Doctors wouldn’t be ready to save your life in the operating room, nurses wouldn’t be monitoring your bedside in the hospital, EMS/Police/Firemen wouldn’t come to your aide when in danger, and they never would’ve gotten a man to space. These people, and anyone else who has a job, choose to get up everyday, and go to their demanding jobs tired from the day before, I’m sure battling their own set of negativity. No matter what my job is, I have to choose to get up and go do it because that’s just simply what you do. I can either be grumpy or look for small things that will brighten my day. Choose to smile. Choose to laugh.

You have to choose how you react to things and especially things that you feel are out of your control. You can either freak out (as I tend to do), which helps no one or you can take a step back and re-focus on where you are and where you want to be. There is so much pressure encircling us to be perfect, to be graceful, to be correctly poised at all times with everything we do and become but that’s perfection… and let’s face it, there isn’t anything totally perfect about anyone on this planet. Period.

Inspirational Quotes Of The Week – 32 Pics:

I think, going off of that, you have to give yourself a break. Quit beating yourself up when you mess up or when you make a mistake. We are wired to think that we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t worthy of bettering ourselves. None of us are perfect but we all deserve to know how much we are loved and how we were created with divine opportunities to impact our world in so many amazing ways.

We were created for so much more than negative thoughts and long days filled with “gloom and doom”. Don’t let one negative thought cause your whole day to come crashing down.

Look for the good in the world. A simple smile, a good joke, a hopeful goodbye, or even a joyful tear. Let those mundane, tiny things be what keeps you above water. Ask God to show you what those good things are and trust Him with where you’re at in life.

And know that tomorrow will be better…

 much love,


*Photo credits are to Kristen Manson on Flickr*


5 thoughts on “Killing The Mind

  1. Brittany, to be honest, your conversation with your mind is exactly how I have conversation with my mind. And you are so right that everyday we fight with our own set of negative thoughts. I am going for work but see I am already thinking that today is gonna be a bad day, but on the brighter side we have jobs that pays rent and bill, we are independent and we have goals, u know I got a trick whenever I feel negative I start fooling my mind, and it works. At the end of the day , I realise I have a life for which people wish.
    This post was relatable!!!

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    1. Right!! It’s all in the control you give your mind. And you are so right. We need to daily look at the things that we have and remember that others are far worse off in life. To humble oneself is a tough thing to do but so rewarding in the end. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  2. Every day is a struggle between yourself and yourself. There are so many things that could hold you back, that you could let hold you back. A lot of those things are created by ourselves and that makes them even harder to fight against.

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