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We Small Few

Hello beautiful people,

So I just got done reading The Martian by Andy Weir and let me just say one thing: WOW!! Not a wow as in it was the best thing I’ve ever read but WOW. The philosophy and deeper meaning that you could interpret within this book is just incredible.

If you’ve never checked this book out, it’s pretty much about an astronaut named Mark Watney. Mark is apart of a team of astronauts who launch into space as part of the Mars program. They intend to study Mars, live on it and do all those science-y things that scientists and space travelers do. Unfortunately for Mark, on their sixth day on the Red Planet disaster strikes during a sandstorm resulting in Mark being accidently left behind by his crew, them thinking he is dead. Mark wakes up a few hours later and realizes what has happened. He is alone, on Mars and now has to survive certain death. Did I mention he’s ON MARS…. ALONE…..

giphy (12)

I’m actually surprised I got through this book considering you read it in the perspective of Mark’s Log Entries, which contain a lot of science lingo and only a little emotion, give or take a few instances of humor. Andy Weir, our lovely author, is a scientist in real life (he has bunch of different degrees, apparently) so it makes sense that it would read in this way but it’s pretty good to be his first novel.

When I finished the book last night, I just laid there for a minute and thought about what that might be like? If I were an astronaut and I had been left on Mars unknowingly by my crewmates, how might I react?

Well first I would fall into a ball and probably cry like a giant baby and then die… or die first, then cry… while Mars laughed at my puny, human self that can’t survive it’s atmosphere. Evil, evil Mars…

But NO!!!

I’m an ASTRONAUT!! So I could survive! Well, probably not… but we like positive thinking!

But in all seriousness, I thought about being so many million miles away from what I know is home and it was truly terrifying.

To know that you might never see your parents again, your loved ones, your friends. You might never hear a dog bark again or watch the sunset over the beach. To know that you might never get to eat a home cooked meal or smell the aroma of fresh cut grass on a spring day again. To know that you might not see Christmas lights again or hear a funny joke or a beautiful song again. All the things that make your miniscule existence as a human, on earth, amazing would be out of your grasp. You would be the only soul on a planet of nothing. Maybe the hardest thing though would be not sharing a moment with another person again or even one word with someone. That’s scary.

But I snapped back into reality, in my comfy bed, on earth… thank the good Lord above!

I conclude that there is a whole universe out there that we don’t even have the capacity to explore. A universe filled with mysterious planets, bursting skies, devilish suns, black holes leading to the unknown, and galaxies full of stars . For me, it’s even more proof of God. To know He created something so vast, expansive, beautiful, and intriguing comforts me and helps me know that I’m well taken care of. I don’t think we are meant to know every inch of what’s out there but it’s nice to step back and see how truly small we really are compared to it.

God made man small and the universe BIG to say something about Himself. ~ John Piper:

Being human, on our simple little planet, may feel pretty sucky sometimes. We put up with a lot of pain in this life but we also have a whole lot of amazingly beautiful things around us. Reading The Martian really helped me to reflect on that beauty and know that it’s okay to feel small because we are small in our universe and that’s perfectly okay.

much love,


*The featured image is apparently a cluster of what the many different galaxies and such in the universe looks like all together if taken in one frame. Mind blown.

More about The Martian in link if you’re interested in reading it:


11 thoughts on “We Small Few

  1. Wow. I think I’m going to go lay in bed now and ponder what I’d do if I were left on Mars by myself. Like what’s the first thing I’d do after realizing I could never return home? Go for a walk? Nap? Probably nap.

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  2. I haven’t read the book yet (it’s on my list though) but I have seen the movie. It’s interesting seeing the will to survive and overcome. Sure this is set on another planet but it is such a powerful human story.

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