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In Oceans Deep

I spent a few days last week baking by the ocean. Even though I got sunburned the first day by the water, I still enjoyed the relaxation that the salt air brought me.

The best part of any beach trip is when you go in from a long day under the sun and shower. My family’s place has an outside shower and it literally feels like you’re in an exotic location when you use it. We always eat amazingly delicious food and then, later that night, I curl up with a good book to read on the porch while the cool breeze makes ribbons through my hair.

But through all the resting and relaxing, I had a few moments to myself to reflect and think (and give you guys something to read about.)

I think I’ve finally figured it out. Figured out why people retreat to the beach at any time for some good R&R. I don’t think it’s just to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of work. I don’t think it’s to recuperate from being tired all the time. I don’t think it’s even to spend time with family. No, I think it’s something much deeper than that, much more connected to our human core, to how God created us to connect with nature and the world around us.

I think people are in awe of being at the edge of something thrilling, something a little unknown, a little dangerous but wrapped into a vastly majestic piece of natural art.

People, and myself, will walk the beach to feel the water come up to their feet. Other more brave souls will swim out far and even dive the depths of the vast, blue waters. We want to discover a deeper meaning within it. Something that will show us our place amongst it all.


And I had that moment while walking that shoreline. A moment where I knew I had purpose here, among the beauty that God created.

Me, little old me could be more than anything I have ever dreamed up.

In life, we may feel like we are nothing special, that we are made just to feel the small waves that barely touch the land but there are huge, amazing waves out there coming for us. We don’t have to make ourselves feel smaller or worse for being here. You and me, and all of us are here for a reason.

Why not figure out that reason?

much love,


*Pictures used in this post, other than featured, are mine. Please do not use unless I’ve given permission.

7 thoughts on “In Oceans Deep

  1. I absolutely adore the coast. I say the coast, because here in Oregon it’s far too cold usually to enjoy the waters, but the sand and scenery are still enjoyable. I don’t get to the coast nearly as often as I’d like. It’s two hours away and packing all four kids into the car is difficult. Well worth it though.

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    1. Wow!! Oregon… I’m sure that’s breathtakingly beautiful. I’d honestly enjoy that a little more than the hot, the sweat, the sticky sand, and sunburn. Well worth seeing all types of coastlines at some point in life. I’m sure that’s a huge task! If we lived closer together I’d help ya out with the kiddos. haha but NC is a little far! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post!

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      1. I enjoy traveling. It’s one of the reasons I actually picked up a somewhat decent digital camera rather than using my phone all the time… The trick is remembering the darned thing.

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