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Meaningful Moments

We are perfect.

We live in a world where only the perfect moments of our lives are captured for others to see.

We document the good moments, happy moments, the amazing moments.

Don’t let people see who you really are underneath. We can’t let people see our pain or our mistakes. Flaws aren’t okay… cover it all up.




Girls filter over their flaws and mask the real person underneath. We find more value in likes, retweets, and comments than in real conversation or human contact anymore. We think that if he likes our picture on Instagram then he must like us the way we want him to. Makeup is something that was made to enhance the natural but is now used to create someone unrecognizable, often times inhuman. Girls think that they must look a certain way to be considered attractive and that sex is their only gift to bring.

Guys think that being ripped and documenting bulging muscles is to be revered over everything else. They aren’t to show emotion or feel things that are described to be “feminine” and if they do then they must be wimps or weak. Guys think that it’s okay to just text her a simple “Yo, Sup?” instead of calling her or asking her to get coffee and to get to know her for who she is. He thinks that Snapchat is romantic and she falls for it in this digital junk world we are living.

It’s time that we stop selling ourselves short with these frivolous, petty things and see more value in ourselves.

Guys, you are so much more than muscles and meatiness. You’re human like the rest of us and it’s okay to cry, laugh, or be goofy. You aren’t any less of a man for those things. The next time you want to Snapchat her, try calling her instead. Let her know that you are interested in getting to know her and show that. Be the gentleman that you know you are. Show us ladies that chivalry isn’t dead and know that you are meant to be amazing leaders for us.

Ladies, you are BEAUTIFUL!! No matter your size, shape, or color. This world would be boring if we all looked like Kendall Jenner. We are all unique and we all have beautiful qualities. Don’t cover that up with makeup or filters. I know it’s hard not to, for I have struggled with this myself, but be uniquely you and forget what the world thinks. Haters gonna hate! Do not lower yourself, your heart, or your standards for anyone, especially a guy. You deserve to be respected as a human and you are more than your body or sex.

Bring back real relationships with lovely, interesting, beautiful conversations.

Bring back purposeful dating that goes past texts and Snaps.

Bring back mutual respect for yourself and others.

Bring back creativity that goes beyond a phone screen.

Go outside, breathe, run, laugh, dance, and be involved in the world around you.

Enjoy quiet moments and listen to what’s around you.

We are the generation that can fix the mess that social media and technology has been allowed to create. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to make a difference, bringing back moments that mean something.

Moments that last for a lifetime.

much love,


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