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10 Simple Ways to Be A Little Less Stressed

Hey all,

We all have those days where every little thing that can be annoying is extra, extra annoying and irritating. We go through our day grumpy, angry, and just not even wanting to do life.

Luckily, there are a few simple things that I’ve found can help bring back a surge of positive energy to your day.

Lets go!

1. Prayer

The first person I turn to when my day is going south or I’m just overwhelmed is the one who knows me better than I know myself. God knows exactly what I’m facing day to day and already has a plan for me. Pausing in the middle of a stressful situation and simply whispering “Lord, I need you” is so powerful and the good thing is, He listens. Trust Him to get you through the day!

2. Exercise

At the end of a stressful day, there’s nothing like heading to the gym and sweating off your worries. I don’t know what it is but the last few times I’ve left the gym I feel better leaving than I did when I went in. Focus all that negativity from the day into your workout to get more energy and motivation. You’ll sweat more, get those muscles working, and feel better afterwards. It’s totally worth it and it’s good for your body.

3. Eating Good Foods

It’s so easy to drown your negative feelings in a huge bag of potato chips or a tub of ice cream but your body won’t thank you later for that. In a few hours you’ll feel groggy and uncomfortably full. The same idea with exercise applies here. Give your body food that’s good for it. In the last two weeks, I’ve changed up my diet quite a bit by adding more fresh fruit and veggies and I feel so much better lately. I have more energy and don’t feel as sluggish which can help with stress throughout the day.

4. Music

A good playlist is a great way to unwind after a hard day. Music is literally art in motion and has been proven to calm the body. Some of my favorite artists I listen to for distressing are Sleeping At Last, James Bay, and Jon Bryant.

5. Books

I’ve already talked about my love for books up here before but I’ll say it again. Books are a great escape from daily life and I find it easy to get lost in one. Take a break from your stress or worries for the day and discover another world, another story, and other people for a boost of positivity and creativity.

6. Start a New Show

Now I’m not one to recommend Netflix bingeing constantly to de-stress because you can get in a bit of a rut with it but starting a new show and taking your time to enjoy it is sometimes exactly what you need to relax. I just started watching Heroes and I really like it so far. Even just catching one or two new episodes a week of a show can be enough to keep yourself a little less stressed.

7. Puppy time!

I’m lucky enough to have pets (two dogs) to play with after a hard day but there are always pet stores that have puppies and kittens that you can play with. Dogs are used for therapy and are perfect creatures to make you instantly feel calm and relaxed. If not a pet store, find your local shelter and go play with the animals. Just have fun while doing it!

8. Go for a walk

Getting out, breathing fresh air, and exploring a new place can be great to do , especially on the weekends after a long week. There is something so ethereal, mysterious about walking through a beautiful outdoor scene or discovering a cool part of your city. Get out and explore what’s around you!

9. Reorganize

It’s easy for your room to get cluttered during a stressful week of coming and going to work or school. The clutter only adds more onto a stressed mind. Take some time after a long day to pick up that clutter, move stuff around, and reorganize your space. Sure, it may feel like a chore, but once you start and see a new area opened up in a space you’ll be instantly refreshed.

10. Vent it out

I love venting after a hard day. Many times I debrief my day to my Mom or a friend and afterwards it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No matter how small or big the stress was it automatically feels better once it’s said and out of my mind. Those words are gone and the day is done. Friends and family can also give good advice about things, so let them make you feel better.

Keep breathing and keep your chin up!

How do you de-stress from a tough day? Let me know in the comments!!

much love,



3 thoughts on “10 Simple Ways to Be A Little Less Stressed

  1. You’re so smart, my dear Brittany! ❤ Thank you for the reminders! The gym is great, isn't it? Exercise releases endorphins that can turn a dull, depressed, stressed out day into a perky, happy one. I'm proud of you! Do you also journal? I'll bet you do, you're such a great writer. Writing works the same as venting for me. Auntie loves you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I try to fill each day with music. My wife and I go for a walk around the neighborhood each night after the kids go to sleep. Lots of different ways to deal with all those small things that life throws at you.

    Thanks for sharing your list!

    Liked by 1 person

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