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Wednesday Update: Stop and Breathe

I really feel like I’ve neglected this blog lately. But with classes starting back up this week and a new schedule, I’ve been so focused on everything else but this blog. So here I am, back to refocus my energy and take a second to breath by posting my words.

Sometimes you just need to stop and breathe. From the inhale to the exhale just focus on the breath and clearing the mind. It’s been really hard not to get stressed out at everything I have to do from now until the end of the semester, so taking a second to not think and just be has been exactly what I’ve needed today.

I’ve also needed the time to pray, to laugh, to enjoy the small things that happen during the day like exchanging a smile with a stranger or seeing the joy in a dog’s eyes. I think it’s those simple things that can reassure you that there is still hope to be found in the world and the best moments are the still ones, the simple ones.

So I just wanted to say, keep it simple and I’ll try to bring some fresh posts to you guys shortly!

Thanks for being here!

keep it simple,




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