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Random Things

Hey guys!

Wow!! 200 followers! I know I say it all the time but I’m so incredibly proud of this community and how much it has grown since I start this little blog over a year ago. So thank you to those who are new here and those who have followed this writing community since day one. You are all beautiful, amazing people and I wouldn’t still be here, writing away if it wasn’t for all of you!

God has really been amazing me lately. He has closed some doors, some that needed closing and He has gone ahead, opening others. He is providing things that I never thought I would need, constantly looking out for me. He is so good. He is my all and all. All I want to do is praise Him for always working out things for my good.

On another note, did anyone catch the VMA’s last night? Cause if you did, I’m so sorry for you.

I only watched half of it but I felt like someone took my brain and shook it. I’m constantly amazed at how much television and networks push the envelope with things now but this was on another level. It’s sad to see what music has become, what people think beauty is, and the fact that children are growing with that as their culture.

We shouldn’t look to that as our standard. We should strive for so much better. Women are more than their bodies, they have brains, personalities, and opinions. We need to stop sexualizing every single woman, and man, on these shows. Men are more than just macho, muscle, sex-craved animals, they have emotions, they cry and bleed just like women. The entire show portrayed this and it was disappointing to say the least at how low humanity has become.

But I know that everyone has worth and value because Jesus said so on the cross. Even if you aren’t a believer in Christ and you think I sound crazy, don’t you still think that humans are so much more than that? Don’t you think that there must be something higher than us, some sort of hope or ray of light in this dark, difficult, hard world we live in?

God is my refuge and strength, and in Him I have a hope, for something better and something worth holding on to.

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things” -Colossians 3:2

many blessings,




18 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. I saw about 15 minutes total of the VMAs last night. It all felt so wrong. Lyrics have lost all meaning if a song is more about the performance and what they’re wearing. But enough of that. Congratulations on 200 followers! I’m happy to have been here from the start!

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    1. Right!! Like most of it I just didn’t understand the point of it… like where has art and deeper meaning of things gone to in music? Thank goodness for Twenty One Pilots in this day and age! But thank you!! You have literally been here since day one and so glad you still are! 😀

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      1. Very true. I like songs where I can look up the lyrics and try and dissect what it means. Can’t do that with most “popular” songs these days, sadly.

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  2. Hi! Brittany its great to know about in your thoughts what you think and feel different from ordinary peoples and it shows that how much you connected with God. Because who know God they don’t talk about in earthy things they talk about in above the sky, somewhere so high..
    very subliminally written blog.

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