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I’m over Summer!


It actually started to feel like Autumn today! Leaves have slowly started falling off the trees and this morning there was a cool, crispness to the air that I have been missing since… eh.. about June when the heat about choked me to death every time I stepped foot outside.

Like, I’m so seriously sick of summer!! I’ve had enough. I’m tired of sweating. I’m tired of having to shave my legs. I’m tired of having to keep my toenails painted because it’s too hot to wear closed toe shoes. UGH!!


But I can hear the not-so-far-away, angelic whispers of fall around the corner. It gives me life, it gives me fullness and gives me joy!!

giphy (19).gif

I used to be a total summer girl but I’ve recently changed my mind and here are the reasons why Fall is my new ride or die :

  1. It’s just SO BEAUTIFUL:  There is nothing more beautiful than the many colors of the leaves that fall every year at the end of September through the beginning of October. I have a new appreciation for deep reds, purples, and blues now because of the fall season and it’s many gorgeous colors.


2. Pumpkin Spice, Apple, and S’Mores Flavored everything: This is literally the best season for food and my taste buds’ happiness. I mean think about it, we get to enjoy pumpkin flavored everything throughout fall and into winter. The amazing candy that accompanies Halloween, the best food your Mama can cook on Thanksgiving, and an excuse to gain a few extra pounds from S’Mores by the fire, and the above mentioned things. You can’t get better food any other time of year. To echo Corey, my eating pants are ready!!!!

giphy (16).gif

3. Comfy but pretty clothes: There’s nothing more awesome than the temperature not getting above 70 on a Fall day and being able to wear a light sweater or scarf all day. I love sweaters! They can be dressed up or down but always remain comfortable and soft. I have a closet full that are just waiting to come out, weather and season permitting.

Just check out my Pinterest board!

4. HOCUS POCUS and other awesome Halloween movies: Probably my favorite movie, Hocus Pocus, comes on TV every year and my favorite witch sisters never lose their charm or humor. Other great movies in this time include Halloweentown, Casper, Beetlejuice, and others on this list.


Though it’s a short list these are the bare essentials in my opinion. These four basic things are what make Fall great to me! I’m so looking forward to all of it again this year!

happy (almost) Fall,


Tell me in the comments your favorite season and why you love it!! 🙂

*All images and media in post came from and pinterest. I do not own.


8 thoughts on “I’m over Summer!

  1. I love the season of Autumn. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest where there is a dramatic shift in the weather. So many trees shifting their colors. It’s a ton of fun.

    Not big on the whole.. pumpkin everything though.

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  2. Autumn for me too…here in the UK we’re having a prolonged (but never hot) summer. I’m longing to slow-cook stews, make stodgy meat pies (meat in pies is a thing here!), snuggle up in thick tights and woolly jumpers and crunch through leaves whilst hunting for conkers. At least the almost-constant British drizzly rain has now arrived, so we’ll be sliding into winter soon enough x

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    1. Wow!! The UK must have it’s amazing moments during this time of year. The issue with the southern states of the US is the constant muggy humidity that never seems to go away until around the end of October. But yes… that all sounds delicious!! I love making chili and vegetable soup during the winter. Perfect to warm up with. And you can’t forget the hot chocolate! I guess our meat pie equivalent to that would be chicken pot pie or casseroles. But equally it’s a lovely time of year! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!! ❤

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