I hate alarm clocks.



You know what… I hate oversleeping (and faulty alarm clocks that cause me to oversleep). I really do… I did it this past week and missed something important. And what’s worse is, no one… not a soul… texted or called me to find out where I was. Not that that’s their job or anything but I literally heard from nobody that morning. I could’ve ran away or worse and no one would’ve known. That’s a scary and depressing thought, and perfect for another post in the future.

Let’s get back to it!

Oversleeping… Oh it’s literally the worst! You wake up in a panic, feeling like your way over the time you actually were supposed to be up. That two-second grab to your phone to check the time is horrific and much to your disdain, you see that it’s almost a full hour past the time your supposed to be somewhere important. What’s even worse is that you definitely set an alarm to get you up in time and your alarm clock FAILED YOU!!!

It’s terrible, terrible, terrible and it completely ruins the rest of the day. Back up to about eight hours before. You get in bed, knowing everything you need to do the next day and confident about all of it. You plan your outfit in your head and what your meals will be that day. It’s actually fun and relaxing, to try to plan a day that’s perfectly perfect… pssshhh…. that’s nothing!! You go to sleep at ease, right before you set that alarm to wake you up at just the right time.

But no…. your morning has to start with stress and anger towards technology. Your whole set schedule ruined before your feet even hit the floor.

In my anger and frustration I simply prayed and asked the Lord for some perspective. It could be a whole lot worse, my life. There are way worse things to deal with than oversleeping. So I calmed down and realized that it wasn’t the end of the world.

Okay enough with my ranting.

Everything is gonna be alright.

much love,






3 thoughts on “I hate alarm clocks.

  1. The exact same thing has happened to me a few years ago! Set an alarm for an important morning and it didn’t go off and I woke up an hour later wondering what happened. After that I never really trusted alarms anymore and wondered if it would just be easier staying up all night so I wouldn’t have to rely on a clock to wake me up.

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