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Hey guys! I’m still here and don’t have a better title than this…

Hi everyone!

It’s been way, waaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too long!!

I don’t think I’ve posted anything in over a month, maybe two!! I’ve just been so busy with school and everything that I’ve neglected to write any words on here.

School- Only a few weeks  left and I will be graduating!! I can’t believe it! I now have my cap and gown… it feels very surreal! As you all know, I’ve applied for Graduate school but as of right now I really don’t know if God is going to open that door. I didn’t get in at UNCG but I’m honestly relieved. For months now I have prayed about where God would lead me and now I know for sure that He no longer wants me in Greensboro. It’s very bittersweet, as a part of me is ready to leave and see what’s next but a part of me is comfortable here. I’ve gotten used to here. Greensboro has been my home for the past almost five years. I’ve gained my independence here and I’ve found myself here. I got closer to God here. So, it’s gonna be hard packing up and leaving for the last time.

I also applied to NC State but I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m way past the nervous stage and I’m more in the stage of accepting that I may not get in. I know that sounds totally negative but I just have a feeling that that is not where God wants me either. I don’t know… I applied on a whim and didn’t really fully pray about it until after I applied. I mean I know that God’s plans are so much bigger and better than mine so I can trust Him but let me tell you it’s HARD! To not have a plan, to not know where I’ll be by June is scary. And don’t even get me started on the financial stress of it all. My mind feels like it’s doing backflips… “If I get in to Grad school, then that’s more student debt but if I don’t get into Grad school right now, then I’ll have to find a job but what if I don’t find a job, how will pay my bills because I don’t want to be a bum on a parents’ couch that just got a fancy degree and can’t even use it and what if… and what if.. “… you see my point!! It’s stressful!! And I still have months to figure it out, and I could still get in.

The one thing I know for sure though, is that God has a plan and I can trust in Him with all of this!! At the end of the day, I’m HIS and nothing can change that. He will provide for all my needs.

On a more positive note though I’ve really been putting a lot of energy in on my photography. I’ve practiced more and I’m getting better all the time! I really love it, as much as I love blogging. It also keeps my mind off everything that I could start stressing about.

I wish I had something more thought-provoking to bring to you after being gone for a while but I promise I will try to post more and will definitely focus more on this blog after I graduate.

If you’re interested in seeing more about my photography please let me know in the comments!

much love,

Brittany ❤

Check out some of my photography!! I’m hoping to have a website soon, so stay tuned for that here! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hey guys! I’m still here and don’t have a better title than this…

  1. I am a little partial as your Grandmama, that being said! God will show you the path that is his perfect best for you! Your guardian angel hovers close and oversees all you do! You trust God just like you do and his perfect mercy and grace will sustain your every need! You have wonderful opportunities ahead! I love you to the moon and back! Just breathe! 😘😘. Gmama

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