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The Plague of Senioritis

Hi everyone,

I’m still here! It’s been too long since my last post but here I am, writing to you once more.

Life has been crazy as of late…

I’m now officially 2 WEEKS… yes 2 weeks away from graduating from college!!!

You wanna know what I’m feeling about that??

A whole lotta excitement mixed with some fear, a little curiosity, and a dash of dread for good measure. It’s taken me five whole years to get to this point and now that I can see the finish line, I’m heavy-laden with all of these emotions. It’s like I finally got settled with being a student, I became good at being a student. I finally know my way around my college town, made friends for life here, found my independence here, found a part of myself here and suddenly, very soon…. I’m about to leave all that, for unknown territory. I’m not sure what to feel but it terrifies me. I don’t feel that I’m ready for it.

None of you know but since my last post I had been eagerly waiting to hear back from Graduate schools on application decisions. Unfortunately, though Graduate school isn’t going to happen right now. So here we go with Plan B…  It’s always scary when your plans change but I’m realizing that that is life and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. I think God is really teaching me a lesson right now about patience, my own pride and selfishness, and learning to trust in Him.

So Plan B is as follows, moving back home and finding a full-time job ideally in my field of study (Social Work for those that don’t know) and just working on my job experience for a while before attempting to go to Graduate school. If anyone has any tips of entering into the job market as a fresh graduate please comment below with some inspiration.  I’m trying not to put too much of my crazy, perfectionist self in it and just trust in God to lead me where He wants me.

So that’s just a quick update on the last few weeks since I posted. I’m really trying to push myself to stay motivated in these last two weeks of school and to finish well. The senioritis is well set-in and it’s a struggle daily to care… I mean really…

If you’re in my shoes, getting ready to graduate college and have no idea what you are gonna do with your life, please know that I hear you! I feel for you! We are riding in the same boat my friend… but you know what? This is where everyone else before us have been and they figured it out. I know that it’s all gonna be okay and I cling to Jeremiah 29:11 right now and that He has a plan for me.


I’m excited to move back to my hometown, live rent-free with my parents, eat real dinners cooked by my Mom again, and start working on this new chapter of my life. Everyday I struggle with the anxiety of it but everyday I also look at it as a chance at a new opportunity, a new start, and a new time of living.

Let’s be scared and excited together!

much love and hope,


If you are graduating soon comment below and tell me where you are graduating from and what your plans are! Let’s start a conversation! 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Plague of Senioritis

  1. Hey, I graduated few years ago and have done my masters as well. Now I am settled in my life and can finally understand what you are going through. When I was in college, I was super excited for upcoming future, for job. And now time has passed on a roller coaster, so I just wanna say that whatever you do, wherever you go, make the most of it. All the best for your future.

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    1. Thanks for that! Right now in the moment, I’m dealing with so many different emotions but it’s good to know that so many others have been in my shoes and they came out okay! Thanks again for sharing and being so encouraging! 🙂

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  2. Good to know Brittany about your impending graduation, and am sure, the Lord has great plans laid out for you… am also moving out from my present job, and going back o home made food, and of course waiting for HIM to give a new task to me.

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