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New Seasons

Hello blog that I terribly neglect,

I’ve missed writing. Missed sitting down and typing out words to anyone out there reading my blog. It’s been a busy time of transition and waiting but I finally have taken the time to sit back down and just write, straight from my heart and mind on what’s been going on in life lately.

I’ve been moved back to my hometown for a little over a month now. I’m still getting used to things but I finally feel like I’m beginning to settle. It no longer feels weird driving around thinking I’m gonna bump in to old high school friends, because I don’t that much. God has been moving and doing some incredible things in this season of waiting and trusting. That’s what I’m calling it… waiting and trusting season.

I spoke a little of this in my last post (from far too long ago), how I was terrified of the unknown and not knowing what was next for me but honestly this period of waiting for me has been such an amazing time of growth. I’ve drawn nearer with Jesus in this transition period. I had seriously made school an idol and had become so distracted by it. This time of waiting has been the open door I needed to get alone with my heavenly Father and fall further in love with His grace and more importantly, His word. Through this season of trusting, He has opened doors and led me to get plugged in to my hometown church in a new way. I’ve found an amazing group of God-focused men and women that I’ve grown so close with in just two weeks time. The prospect of a new job in social work is looking really good at the moment (more details to come later, hopefully). I feel like for the first time, in a long time, I’m really just following where God is leading and letting faith guide me. It’s incredibly freeing. I look back, just a year ago and I cringe at how untrusting I was in God. I had to have control over everything, know every move I was making in life. I think this season is teaching me that it’s far better to let Him lead. His plan is so much better! He is better!

I’ve been reading through the book of Jeremiah and there is a passage in there that talks about the potter’s house. Jeremiah was told to go to the potter’s house and receive a word from the Lord. The Lord showed Him that the people of Israel (and all people) are like a lump of clay that are being molded into something.

“Like the clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel”

Jer 18:6b

I was studying this and it’s like a lightbulb went off in my head. That’s so me right now! I’m still on the potter’s table being molded intricately into something magnificently beautiful. The potter isn’t finished with me yet! Though the people of Israel were struggling in sin, God was still fighting for them and still wanting to mold them into something more. My waiting and trusting season. Such amazing imagery.

So, that is all people. I had to share some of the wonderful things that God was doing in my life at the present time. Though things are changing and new doors are getting ready to open, I know God is preparing me for them in His time.

Til next time everyone!

much love,

Brittany ❤

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