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Be Still and Know that I am God.

Be still and Know.. My, how I sometimes miss knowing God because I’m busy looking and being busy with everything else. I get so caught up in being worried, anxious, caught up in, and looking else where that I miss moments of simple stillness with the Lord. It’s interesting here that there was is thing that causes us to know God better, something that I desperately need to learn…. BE STILL.

I can still remember being a little girl and loving taking bubble baths in my parents’ big bath tub. I would swim and splash to my hearts content. Something else I always insisted on was getting my Mom to braid my hair right after my bath so it could dry and be wavy. Oh how I loved that as a little girl! I would bring the brush to my Mom and sit down in front her. Two words she would always say to me while winding my hair  together into a braid “Be Still”. I had a habit of getting antsy and so ready to get up to see the finished product that I had a hard time sitting still for her to actually do that very thing I wanted.

How often do we as adults now , are so desperately waiting for God to show up and make art work out of our lives? Come through on a promise or to just turn around a difficult situation so that we can breathe and look at the masterpiece? But are we often times willing to sit and wait and BE STILL. Be still as He works out the details, Be still as He fixes the tangles and bumps. Be still as He weaves and twists everything together in His perfect way.

This is something that  I want to learn and master, though I think it’s something we may never fully grasp until heaven.

I enjoy practicing being still nevertheless.


Be still and know that I am God is found in Psalm 46.

I also dive into this similar topic in another of my blog posts. Check it out here.

Brittany ❤

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