My Life

A letter to me at 16.

Dear Brittany,

I am writing this to you from the month of September , 2019. You’re sixteen years old and it’s 2010. The year before your life perspective and everything you were searching for regarding God, life, and truth finally is answered. I was prompted to write this to you, from you in the future. Before I tell you where you will be at in life I first want to meet you right where you are.

Like I said it’s 2010, depending on the time of year you are in between sophomore and junior year. Just beginning to drive, thinking you know it all already when in reality you have no clue. You have already faced great pain in your life and you are sorting through that. You are “dating” a boy that cares more about video games than anything else and you don’t even know what healthy dating is yet. You don’t even know yourself yet. You are at times insecure with yourself and you hide behind music and schoolwork just to ignore the deep feelings you have been holding. Not many people know what you are facing deep down and it’s best to keep it that way, for the greater good of others. If someone asked you if you were a Christian or what your views on life were you would most definitely answer, “Well, yeah, I’m a Christian. I was saved at a young age. I’m a good person…” but you would never let anyone know that deep searching and agony you are going through in regards to your faith because deep down you are struggling to believe in God. Believing the lie that if He is real, He certainly doesn’t care about you. You act like you are fine on the outside but inside you are searching for truth. You maintain a good image though, you have no use for drugs, parties, or being promiscuous- that’s not where you run to for fulfillment. Music is your escape. But that won’t fulfill you either and it never will. I know all of this about you Brittany, because I am you only a few years older now. I lived the pain you were in and I want to tell you that you will find a breakthrough.

First of all, Jesus is going to meet you right where you are and all those doubts you have been tossing around, they will be settled with the basic truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2011 you will have an encounter with Jesus that will forever change your life.

You won’t be in that relationship forever, it is merely a stepping stone , one of many to come along that will lead you to the most amazing man that you will marry. Stop worrying about finding him, he comes at just the perfect time. Mama was always right.

You will graduate and it will come quicker than you could ever think. Don’t take for granted the family and friends you have in this time. Stop worrying about the future or making huge decisions about it because trust me, Brittany, they will look completely different than what you ever planned.

Here’s a few hints into what the future holds- you will change your major nine different times before finally finding a good fit and then barely using it when you graduate, you will not find your husband in college, he comes after graduating. You will move back home after graduation even though I know you never planned to and lastly , you’re gonna be okay!! It’s true!!

Stop worrying so much dear girl. Stop trying to be someone you’re not and start being who you were created to be.

You are going to still struggle at times with old things and make friends with new things to struggle with.

Brittany, fight and pray and fight some more but never, ever give up.

Jesus will lead you every step of the way. Trust Him and follow Him.

all my love,

Yourself , 9 years later.


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