My Life

life update and redesign

Hello Blog world!

How long has it been ? Boy do I have updates in life , so much has happened since September of 2019. It’s quite embarassing how out of the blog I’ve been. I guess when you go through certain seasons in life it’s easy to get pulled away from things like this. But alas, here I am!

Sooo… since September 2019, my Husband and I found out in October 2019 that we are expecting our first Baby! It was totally unexpected but we are excited all the same. Also at the same time we were in the (stressful) process of buying our first home. I’m so thankful though because now I have so much more I can write about and give you guys tips on.

With all of that being said , it’s a new season of learning and adapting to new changes! I want to in a way re-launch this blog and become more consistent… but I would love to hear from you! What are some things you want to hear about- faith, life, college, etc. ?

Tell me in the comments or email me!

I can’t wait to begin writing more and writing creatively again.


much love,

Brittany wewi


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