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Your Little Flutters

Little girl,

You are 21 weeks old in my tummy today , according to biology about the size of a banana. Bananas are one of my favorite fruits so it’s pretty cool that you’re about that size. As I was sitting at work today, I felt many of your little flutters , movements I should say. I have felt these for the past few weeks now but I finally felt one with my hand , not just inside of me. You see little girl, you like to hide from me when I try to feel your little kicks. I know that you aren’t quite big enough yet for those massive kicks, but boy you are big enough for me to feel you.

That is so significant little girl because movement means life. You are living, breathing, moving within me. So small but yet big enough for me to feel your waves and feel you, YOU the little girl that you already are. God is perfectly knitting you together in my womb.

Thank you for moving sweet girl, thank you for showing me that life no matter how small is so wonderful and powerful. You are able to nudge your Mama into deep recognition and love for you, and I haven’t even met you yet.

That little life is a life to be treasured and adored forever!


Your Mommy


This is a letter to my 21 week old baby girl that is due into this world on June 28th, 2020. We love her so much already!

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