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Can you Do Me a Favor ?

Hey there!

Happy Monday!! I couldn’t wait until this evening to share this with my blog world.

My Husband and I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I know , I know … it seems like there are so many couples on YouTube doing this but our heart for this channel is to simply create a community, much like the one here. We want to sit down with you and chat about life, faith, and more. We had been brainstorming this forever but never really getting to it, always coming up with a new excuse as to why we should wait.

Well the wait is over and we finally jumped in. I mean, you gotta start somewhere right ?

So with no proper video equipment we have put together two videos so far with just our iPhone. I’m pretty proud of that because when starting something it’s not supposed to be perfect or look like everyone else .

What I am asking of my lovely blog readers is , would you mind just going and checking out our channel? It’s super tiny right now but we want to grow this community. We want everyone to take something away from our videos and we want you to feel welcomed especially while we discuss topics that sometimes make people feel not so welcomed.

You can check it out at this link:


We are so thankful for you and I’m thankful to this blog community that has stuck around for the last few years!

You’re awesome!!

Much love,


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