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Pretty Little Thoughts: Forgiveness

Hey there beautiful people, So I’ve been catching up on Pretty Little Liars the past few days and I just have to write about something related to that. Just so you know, I got hooked on the show about two years ago. It was my favorite for a while but with all the details that…… Continue reading Pretty Little Thoughts: Forgiveness

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Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely At The Same Time

Evening guys, I turned 22 this week!! Needless to say, I can now sing Taylor Swift’s “22” all year without feeling guilty, ashamed, or stupid. YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! Like Taylor, I’ve learned a lot about life, dating, faith, and so much more in these twenty-two years. Unlike Taylor, I don’t write songs…… Continue reading Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely At The Same Time