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Rest, Sit, Dwell… Repeat

I’m gonna be honest today. The last few weeks for me have been hard. Not hard as in anything big or drastic has happened that has caused distress. In general, everything is great. I’m healthy, breathing, alive, and have exactly what I need. But on the contrary, my to do list piled up, I took…… Continue reading Rest, Sit, Dwell… Repeat

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Wedding Bells and What Comes After

Evening everyone, I once again sit here while my sweet husband is in the other room. He is preparing for his sermon he will be sharing with our church tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers as he earnestly seeks the Lord for peace and clarity regarding what he will say. Don’t tell him I…… Continue reading Wedding Bells and What Comes After

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The Chaos of Great Change

Today was a challenging day… actually the last few weeks have been challenging. My internship is probably one the hardest challenges I’ve ever taken on. Working with teenagers can take an emotional and physical toll on you. It’s easy to carry their situations home with you, which is not recommended. I applied to Graduate School…… Continue reading The Chaos of Great Change