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Why We Shouldn’t Just Pray for Orlando

As the news of this past week flooded in, I wasn’t sure what to think. Anger, confusion, sadness, and disgust all flooded my mind. I saw the headlines everywhere and couldn’t understand what was happening. The one word “ORLANDO” was all over my social media feeds. My friends and family were all posting things like…… Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Just Pray for Orlando

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A Little Fuel, A Whole Lot of Faith

Lungs burning and chest screaming out in pain. Every muscle tightening and releasing and tightening again. The air hot from my mouth and throat dry with every breath. As the rotating belt below me urged forward, I knew I couldn’t give up now. With every step pain shot through my legs as fast as the sweat rolled…… Continue reading A Little Fuel, A Whole Lot of Faith

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An Open Letter to Christians

I have to write about something that has wounded my heart today. Something that completely baffled me. Through my few short years attending a liberal, public university, I’ve experienced and seen my fair share of hate towards Christians. Hate toward anyone who goes to church or believes the Bible. For those that don’t know, I…… Continue reading An Open Letter to Christians