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Rest, Sit, Dwell… Repeat

I’m gonna be honest today. The last few weeks for me have been hard. Not hard as in anything big or drastic has happened that has caused distress. In general, everything is great. I’m healthy, breathing, alive, and have exactly what I need. But on the contrary, my to do list piled up, I took…… Continue reading Rest, Sit, Dwell… Repeat

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Life Update: Dancing in The Starlight

“You’re like starlight in the dark. Every glimmer is a spark. Catching fire as you break through”. Those are the beautiful words of the new Bethel Music song “Starlight” that is playing right now as I sit down and write about what’s been going on in life. Those lyrics, honestly, sum it up. Quite accurately.…… Continue reading Life Update: Dancing in The Starlight

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10 Simple Ways to Be A Little Less Stressed

Hey all, We all have those days where every little thing that can be annoying is extra, extra annoying and irritating. We go through our day grumpy, angry, and just not even wanting to do life. Luckily, there are a few simple things that I’ve found can help bring back a surge of positive energy to your day. Lets…… Continue reading 10 Simple Ways to Be A Little Less Stressed