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Trusting In Something Bigger

Today has been a very, very long day. I’ve had class all day and I’m currently in the process, as I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, of getting an internship for next semester. In regards to that, I had an orientation meeting today to inform us of the process and what’s to be expected.…… Continue reading Trusting In Something Bigger

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A Short Word On Being Made New In Christ

Things in life are hard… I mean break-down and cry, want to throw-in-the-towel, scream and punch someone or something kind of hard. Being human, sinful, and weak is really difficult and the clutches of sin sometimes seem too much to bear. I’ve been there time and time again, thinking that there is NO WAY OUT!…… Continue reading A Short Word On Being Made New In Christ

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Dancing With God and Waiting On No One

Eventually there comes a time in every girl’s life where she’s dreaming of romance, wedding bells, and love… you know… the sappy kind with  a girl and a handsome guy, walking hand-in-hand on a beautiful beach where he confesses his undying, unconditional love for her? (Just think Nicholas Sparks novel.) I can’t say that I’ve…… Continue reading Dancing With God and Waiting On No One